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Catmet Ltd is committed to processing data in accordance with its responsibilities under the GDPR. The data we collect and process is required to fulfil the contract between our customers and suppliers instructed to us under the scrap metal dealers Act which came into affect in 2013 All personal data is stored securely on our systems along with the data protection act (1998).


Data Collection & Manipulation:


We take a serious approach to data protection and we understand and use these three key principals when collecting your personal data.


Security: Your data is stored as securely as possible on our systems for legal compliance purposes. We do not share any information given to us onto any third parties.


Transparency: All data stored is open. Honest and transparent. You as the customers / suppliers have a direct access to all personal data stored with us at any time should you wish to access it.


Accuracy: All areas within the data are accurate areas that need to be attained. We never ask you  for more personal information than what is legally required to be compliant and to enable lawful and efficient trading. No other persons shall have access to this besides our data controller.

You choose to provide this data, if you do not want to provide us with any information you do not have to however you can not gain access to our services under the Scrap metal dealers Act (2013).


How we use your data:


Your data is used to follow legislative practises to ensure that fraud, metal theft and deception cannot be abused. Full name, addresses, email addresses, contact phone numbers, copies of valid (card) only driving licences or valid passports and current utility bills no older then three months from the date you register with us. The data we receive is used for legal compliance purposes, customer support, payments and accounting purposes only.


Your Rights Regarding Data being held with us:


The Right to Access: You must give us valid consent to collect and store your data on our systems, you constantly have the right to access your data for free at any time via contacting Catmet's office on 01302-722810


The Right to Rectification: In any case of where your information or data is entered incorrectly or inaccurately we will rectify all changes with immediate affect. 


The Right to be Forgotten: You can request for your data to be forgotten and removed from our systems at any time however if payments have been made using your account, we have the obligatory right to maintain this personal information for statutory periods.


The Right to be notified of a security breach: In a unlikely event of a security breach all individuals with data stored on our systems are to be informed within the legal timeframe of 72 hours.




By consenting to all the above you are allowing us to have permission to store your personal data on our systems, given to us by you. Additional consent will be required if information is ever needed to be passed onto third parties, this will happen by contacting you directly and gaining further written consent, prior to distribution.

I.c.o Number: ZA499066

For more information regarding full legislation on the GDPR go to. (

For more information regarding full legislation on the scrap metal dealer's act go to.  (

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